If you are looking for a custom project in 2024 please fill out the form below.  I only select custom projects that are custom color versions of my previous designs, or new designs that are in line with my artistic vision. Think vintage eclectic kitsch. 

Please fill out the form below COMPLETELY. Measurements don’t need to be exact right now, just a general idea so I can get you the most accurate quote as quickly as possible. Pricing is dependent on a number of factors including time, number of pieces, complexity of pattern and materials used.

 Sun Catchers + Panels (under 14″ round): $200-$2000

Windows (up to 20″ x 20″) : $500 – $4000

Windows (over 20″ x 20″) : $2500+

Transoms (24″ x 12″ – 72″ x 12″) :  $3000-$10,000

I have a consistent offering of ready-to-ship, made-to-order and pre-order designs in my shop and offer color customization on all of my existing designs for a $30 fee on top of the price of the item. 

Interested in a custom Hazy made just for you?

From transom windows and sun catchers with original designs made for you, to any of the Golden Haze designs made in the color of your choosing.

Fill out the form to the left completely.  I am currently booking custom designs for about 2-3 months out in 2024 and color customs for same month delivery in 2024. Please include a very detailed description of what you’re looking for. The more information you include, the easier it will be for me to give you all the necessary info to move forward quickly with your project.  Custom requests that are incomplete or lacking info will not be prioritized. You may also use this form to request custom colors of existing Golden Haze pieces. 

I would love the opportunity to make something special for your space!  Your interest in Golden Haze is so appreciated and I will be in touch as soon as possible!