Glass Care

Dust your glass as needed with a soft clean cloth. To clean your glass or remove fingerprints, make sure to use a soft cloth and a non ammonia house cleaner and wipe gently using a Q-tip  or toothpick for small crevices. Do not use abrasive materials as they can scratch the glass and remove patina. Never use vinegar, ammonia (Windex) or any acid based cleaners. These can destroy the came and/or solder that is holding the piece together.  We do not recommend using tap water on pieces as different mineral contents can cause corrosion on the lead/solder.

The metals and finishes used in stained glass naturally oxidize over time turning dark. Glass pieces are waxed when completed to slow this process however this is a natural occurrence and will happen regardless over time. To maintain the shine in your piece you may use a damp Q-tip to remove discoloration and re-wax. (We recommend Mothers Car Wax). Occasionally you will see a white powdery “mold” build up on solder, this is another form of oxidation. Use a dry toothbrush designated for cleaning and gently brush the area then re-wax your piece. For pieces with a silver finish, you can use bronze or brass wool (do not use steel wool as it can get stuck in crannies and rust) to remove oxidation and white “mold”, then wax  or use silver polish.  Do not use bronze/brass wool or anything abrasive on pieces finished with copper or black patina, this will remove the patina. 

All of the glass pieces offered by Golden Haze are designed in house.  all pieces produced have been hand cut, foiled, leaded, soldered, patinated and polished by me. the elements used to created stained glass pieces contain lead unless otherwise noted.  the use of lead in stained glass is only harmful if ingested or inhaled, but we recommend washing your hands afterwards before eating or drinking. 

Glass Installation

All pieces come with a complimentary chain and jump ring to hang your piece. Choosing your chain length is pretty easy, measure from where the chain will attach to the wall or window to where you would like the top of the piece to start. We currently have four options: Short (4″), Medium (8″), Long (12″) or Extra-Long (16″).  If you already have a specific chain/rope/cord you want to use include a note in your order so we can leave the chain off for you. 

We recommend using a brass screw cup hook or nail to secure your piece to the wall or window frame. When installing in a window, make sure you give 1-2″ of clearance to open and close your window.  If you are installing in the wall, take the same precautions you would with a picture, using studs and/or anchors to make sure your piece is secure. Suction cup hooks can often become unattached with fluctuations in temperature and humidity and use is not advised.

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