Love Stings || MIRROR || SECONDS


WHY IS THIS PIECE CONSIDERED SECONDS? A seconds piece is a piece that is fully finished but does not meet my standards for full price sale. This Love Stings Mirror has unfortunately suffered a significant amount of oxidation on the mirror coating in the soldering process resulting in black and or rust colored spots on the edge of the mirror. It has progressed significantly since these photos, but looks cool as heck.  I am hoping someone will love it in spite of its flaws and it will still find a good home! It has been marked down $128 from the original price, please see the gallery for photos and email me for more current photos if you are concerned about how it may look when you are ready to purchase.

Inspired by vintage valentine candy boxes, Love Stings is a stained glass mirror that stings just like love. This piece is finished with black patina and has been backed with felt to help protect the delicate mirror coating.

Dimensions:  8″ wide x 9″tall

Each piece of glass is unique and may have small irregularities that are part of the manufacturing process that add to the beauty of the art. These irregularities are including but not limited to: small bubbles, lines an/or waves in the glass. I use reclaimed and vintage glass in my art and some glass may have microscuffs or micro scratches, I like to think these tell a story of the history of the glass and add to the beauty of the piece.  I do my best to note any significant scratches beyond these microscuffs in the description as well as in photos and price accordingly.

All Golden Haze items are handmade in Fort Worth, Texas by one person. As this is a custom made-to-order product please refer to listing for info on when it should ship. I do my best to keep to timelines but as with all handmade products, I may take longer. Please know I am working as quickly as I can and will fulfill your order as soon as possible.

I recommend hanging all glass pieces from a secure hook or nail.  Suction cups and adhesives can become unattached with temperature changes.  Outdoor use is not recommended.

This piece is constructed using a lead based solder. Please was your hands after handling and do not ingest.

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